History of Mission Acapulco
Scriptures teach that God's ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts.  This was clearly demonstrated when He took Jay DeVries, a 69-year old man, and sent him to Mexico as a missionary.  Although Jay arrived in Mexico equipped with a strong vision and confidence he was truly sent by God, he soon became depressed over his loneliness and the need to learn a new language.  Additionally, Jay felt hampered by his lack of knowledge regarding the ways and culture of this region of the world.

So, for two years, God faithfully worked to mold him into a vessel that would be useful and fit for the challenges of this unique ministry field. During those initial years, a war waged between doing things Jay’s way or God's way.  Eventually his ego was broken and his motivations became aligned with the work God laid before him.  He also found in himself overwhelming compassion for and sincere love of the Mexican people among whom he now lived and ministered. Eventually, one last confirmation of this being God-inspired was his quickly mastering the Spanish language in both written and spoken forms — something that he initially thought improbable if not impossible.
During the first four years of the ministry more than 3,000 people in the state of Guerrero were reached with the Gospel of Jesus. In the region of Guerrero Mexico, Mission Acapulco became a well-known ministry for Jesus Christ by giving hope to a people living daily in impoverished and dangerous conditions.  
Today, there is an active Mission Acapulco Board of Directors in the United States and also a Mexican counterpart.  Field Missionaries, Sammy and Pamela Morales, along with a team of Mexican nationals, continue to grow this ministry in an increasingly effective way through the financial support of their United States’ brothers and sisters-in-faith.
After several years in Mexico, Jay recently returned to the United States and works closely with the stateside Board of Directors in directing and prayerfully supporting the Mexican ministry efforts.  He frequently gives presentations to local groups on the Mission’s positive endeavors in this violent and economically disadvantaged area of Mexico.  He still occasionally visits Mexico to conduct training and leadership activities with the ever-expanding network of churches in the state of Guerrero.